Funeral Foresight Contract

Be serene knowing that everything has been planned ahead.

Separate Ways offers you to subscribe to a Funeral Foresight Contract. It consists on pre planning your funeral respecting your last wishes and paying the amount of the services chosen to relieve your relatives from any financial worries. This includes Separate Ways services (flowers, caterers and other funeral services) as well as the costs of our various service providers.


  • The sum is placed on a savings account, which guarantees its execution when the time comes.
  • If you change your mind, the contract can be modified at any time. The difference of the amount will be refunded or invoiced.
  • The realization of Separate Ways services contracted is guaranteed without modification of price.
  • You can cancel your contract. The payment made will be refunded to you under deduction of 300.- for administrative fees.
Couple de personnes âgées

Pre planning your funeral celebration can be carried out at any time of your life. We are available to meet you and discuss various possibilities. An estimate will then be drawn up. Upon settlement of this, your funeral plan is guaranteed.


Traditional celebration

1’200 CHF
2’000 CHF with administrative support

  • Contact with funeral homes, town hall and marble company
  • Repatriation assistance
  • Contact and coordination with the celebrant/master of ceremony services
  • Text proposal
 and reading
  • Suggestion of musical selections
 and/or musicians
  • Contact and assistance in choosing floral decorations
  • Coordination and logistical planning of the ceremony
  • Management of the reception
  • Editorial and production of materials (obituary, thank you cards)

Personnalized celebration

1’600 CHF
2’400 CHF with administrative support

  • Contact with funeral homes, town hall and marble company
  • Repatriation assistance
  • Venue selection and reservation for the religious, secular or commemorative ceremony venue
  • Contact and coordination with the celebrant/master of ceremony services
  • Text proposal and reading
  • Suggestion of musical selections and/or musicians
  • Photo displays and booklet/program creation
  • Equipment installation and technical assistance
  • Contact and assistance in choosing floral decorations
  • Concierge service and purchase of various equipment
  • Coordination and logistical planning of the ceremony
  • Management of the reception
  • Editorial and production of materials (obituary, thank you cards)

Administrative support

900 CHF

  • Assistance in the management of banking
  • Contact with notary for succession
  • Support for the preparation of the tax declaration file
  • Termination or adaptation of insurance contracts
  • Assistance in procedures related to home, transportation, various subscriptions and digital services

Rates indicated are Separate Ways emolument and are subject to change without notice; external providers rates are not included. A quotation for other specific requests and with providers rates can be made.

They Say


M.S. (translated from French) January 2019

It was after my husband’s death that I asked Separate Ways to help me with certain administrative procedures, including writing obituary, booking the ceremony venue, etc. Géraldine Juge also worked as master of ceremony during the recollection organized for my husband.These tasks were carried out perfectly, with kindness and respect for our grief. Her administrative and logistical knowledge has relieved me in these difficult times.

M.M. (translated from French) December 2018

Géraldine has been a big support for our family who has guided us with delicacy and gentleness. We don’t realize how many things to think about when someone close to us dies; Geraldine allowed us to focus on what really mattered to us. Thank you very much for the fabulous work done and the availability at all times.

M.R. (translated from French) October 2018

Following the death of my father, we called on Separate Ways. Géraldine was a precious help in organizing, in a very short time, the farewell ceremony (reservation of the venue, announcement, music, contact with the celebrant, organization of the reception, etc.). Géraldine is attentive to every detail and especially to the wishes of the family (the florist was a friend of the family). She also supported us in all administrative procedures, which allowed our family to focus on our emotions following the death. I would like to thank Géraldine Juge for her advice and support.

F.H. (translated from French) April 2018

I heard about Separate Ways from an acquaintance and I was really very happy to know about this service while my husband was at the end of his life. Being quite old and without a family, I was already anxious thinking of having to deal with everything that awaited me in addition to my emotions. Geraldine really took care of everything. Although the ceremony was very sober, it would have been impossible for me to organize simple things as flowers and wine of honour. Her presence and efficiency were invaluable at such a complicated time and I can never thank her enough.

E.S. (translated from French) January 2018

The sudden and yet predictable death of my uncle caught us all off guard. I naturally took care of helping and relieving his wife. But I soon found myself helpless. Grief and shock prevented me from carrying out my “duty”. I had heard about the services of Separate Ways and Géraldine Juge was very available. Her professionalism, her know-how and her great administrative and logistical knowledge were precious in this difficult moment. I wanted to be relieved so I could focus on my uncle’s wife but also manage my own emotions. Géraldine Juge was perfect for that. I can only recommend her to anyone in a similar situation. Her tact is also a quality that everyone around me appreciated. Thank you Géraldine.

S.T. (translated from French) December 2017

We used Separate Ways when our friend and godfather of our daughter passed away. This death was a huge shock because no one expected it and moreover it occurred on December 25th. The companion of our friend and ourselves were clueless because we had never organized a ceremony and the administration was closed during the holidays. But Géraldine was there! Because of her know-how, her discretion and her tact, she took care of everything with great delicacy. Its availability and responsiveness have been of great help in this time of grief and sorrow. Géraldine has proposed, never imposed. Thanks to her ideas, the ceremony was beautiful, despite the organization was not easy, because the deceased was neither a believer nor a conventional person. Without hesitation I recommend the professionalism of Géraldine and I will call her again if I were to lose a loved one again. Many thanks to Geraldine Juge!

W.B. (translated from French) September 2017

We have found great support in all the services offered by Separate Ways. From the organization of the ceremony to the paperwork and succession, Géraldine Juge has guided us with tact, reliability and professionalism. This presence allowed us to focus on the real priorities in this difficult period of mourning, such as the exchange with our relatives. An invaluable, pragmatic and personalized help, focused on the realization of a ceremony in the image of our mother. Thank you for everything.

N.S. (translated from French) August 2017

A few weeks after my mother’s death, being the only daughter, I was really alone and lost in all the paperwork. I was told about Separate Ways and I did not hesitate for a second. Géraldine Juge was able to settle in a few hours what I was putting days to do while giving valuable advice on administrative aspects to which one would not even think. I regret I did not hear about her before the funeral because it has been very difficult to organize.

C.F. (translated from French) June 2017

When our father died, I immediately thought of calling Separate Ways. Geraldine guided us in the first steps because we were completely lost. Thanks to her availability, kindness and knowledge of an unknown field, we were able to approach this painful period with calm. Thanks to her.

G.R. (translated from French) May 2017

I had heard about Separate Ways several months ago. When my husband died, I did not call Mrs. Juge because I wanted to do everything myself to change my mind and not think of this painful loss. I regretted afterwards. First, because I was not able to prepare everything I had planned, but mainly because I realized that I had not taken the time to focus on my sadness. I would have wished to have that help.

J-M.S. (translated from French) March 2017

I would like to sincerely thank Géraldine Juge for the assistance and care she gave to my family and I during the death of our mother. She organized the events of the funeral ceremony perfectly, with seriousness and kindness. Obviously, she knows her job well and practices it efficiently.

C.A. (translated from French) October 2016

The services of Separate Ways were suggested to me by a friend and despite my reluctance to be guided in such an intimate moment, I asked Geraldine to help us. She coordinated everything and it allowed me to live this period of intense emotion without any hassle, with more serenity and especially to focus on the essential which is to integrate the loss of a loved one.

M.R. (translated from French) September 2016

A friend of mine recently lost his father. I had already heard of your service but simply did not dare to inform him about it at such a moment. Afterwards, I regretted when I knew that it had been very complicated for him to organize the funeral.

M-E.C-M. (translated from French) August 2016

Following the death of our mother, our family decided to call Separate Ways. Madame Juge has helped us efficiently and discreetly in all administrative procedures (funeral home, town hall, obituary, religious authority…) in order to organize the funeral in a relatively short time. She also handled the flower orders and found a caterer (Italian because Mom was Italian!) which brought family and friends to one of us’ place. Geraldine Juge also suggested a selection of music played during the religious ceremony as well as a booklet with photos of our mother (very nice idea). She has been present throughout these difficult days and thanks to her efficiency has enabled us to live serenely this period of mourning. Our family thanks her from the bottom of our hearts.