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Methods of burial

If the deceased has not made known his or her desire to be buried or cremated during his or her lifetime, it will be up to the family to make this decision. Below you will find information that can help you choose the burial method. Burial and cremation costs vary according to the municipal regulations […]


Steps following a death

When a death occurs, there are a number of procedures to follow. You will find here those of the Canton of Geneva. 1 – Death certificate Your doctor or an emergency room doctor will issue a death certificate. If the person dies in a medical facility, the facility will report the death. Once the death […]

Funeral rites

The services provided by Separate Ways are aimed at everyone, without distinction, in accordance with religions and funeral rites. Below are some examples of funeral rites: Protestant Catholic Muslim Jewish Orthodox Bouddhiste Protestant Most Protestant religions believe in the idea of an afterlife. Many funerals and memorial services include prayers for the deceased’s soul and […]

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Les funérailles dépoussiérées

de Chloé Banerjee-Din, 4 novembre 2017 Organisé à Lausanne jusqu’à dimanche, le Toussaint’s Festival lève le voile sur les coulisses de l’enterrement. Un rituel qui se fait de plus en plus personnalisé. A Lausanne, ces jours-ci, l’église Saint Laurent accueille une drôle d’exposition. Sous les vitraux du lieu de culte trône un cercueil peint aux […]

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Say goodbye to a loved one with Separate Ways

from Miriam Ramp, September 14th 2017 I still miss those I loved who are no longer with me but I find I am grateful for having loved them. The gratitude has finally conquered the loss. (Rita Mae Brown) Today Currently Wearing presents Géraldine Juge. Géraldine is a founder of Separate Ways, a company that offers […]

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Separate Ways, une aide dans le deuil

de Sébastien Ladermann, 28 Juin 2017 La jeune entreprise romande ambitionne de proposer une aide sur mesure aux personnes endeuillées Gourmandes, curieuses, épicées, colorées ou encore inédites, les adresses que cette rubrique égrène au fil des éditions n’ont d’autre ambition que la fête des sens. Naturellement, la légèreté et la joie ne peuvent se concevoir […]

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Get to know our EHL Alumni Entrepreneurs

November 1st 2016 Meet Géraldine Juge and her startup Separate Ways Géraldine is a 2011 alumni and has worked in hotel management for a few years before starting her own business in June this year. While experiencing the loss of a close relative, she realized that she and her family would have wished for support […]